What this blog is about

This blog is aimed at professionals in public affairs, or institutional relations, not only offering technical and theoretical insights but also pointing out events, content and moments of practical interest for the professional as for the student.

SoftPower is an English term used in international relations theory to describe the ability of a power, not necessarily of a political nature, to persuade, convince, attract and co-opt, through intangible resources such as culture, values and a sense of belonging to institutions.

Soft power is exercised daily through the mass media, where content, ideas and innovations are brought to life to guide the choices of public opinion and therefore those of the public decision-maker.

Those who deal professionally with institutional relations know well that conferences, seminars, books, newspaper articles and of course posts and tweets represent at the same time the contents and areas of debate on which opinions are formed... The Soft Power blog is intended for them.

Like all blogs, www.softpowerblog.it also lives from the interaction with social networks and is open to comments and contributions from readers, a space open to collaboration between users interested in the specific topic but also more generally available to journalists, communication experts and public relations managers. A special mention should be made for the weekly newsletter, sent to an audience of opinion-makers who report on the most important events of the week, a tool very popular and appreciated.

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