Still too much bureaucracy slows down state aid to italian businesses, business lawyer Paolo Zagami says

In an article, published today on the website of the prestigious italian magazine Formiche, business lawyer Paolo Zagami gives an overview of the economic situation in Italy, which has been in lockdown for two months.

"According to the latest survey of ISTAT in Italy - Zagami stressed in his article - there are 4 million and 398 thousand companies. Not all of them will have support, for example the individual enterprises that are quantifiable in about 2 million are cut off from the audience of the beneficiaries for the lack of requirements. So there are already just over half of them left. And those that in theory could receive liquidity can access the measure if in the past they have not shown any difficulty in payments and must still face and clash with various formalisms and produce at least fifteen documents as a result of our bureaucracy".

"From this point of view, by visiting the sector forums hosted on the various social networks, it is easy to see how 90% of Italian entrepreneurs complain about the complexity of the procedures and that almost all the most important banking institutions know little and nothing about the financing of which the Government speaks and/or rightly demand guarantees...".

"After all, the economic well-being of a nation is measured by its Gross Domestic Product. But companies cannot produce if they are forced to remain closed and wait for the storm to pass without having at the same time clear and precise information on exactly how and when they can reopen. Because the key point is precisely this: the parameters on the basis of which openings and closures are decided and will be decided are not specified and there is no indication of safety measures and monitoring".

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