Palmiro Noschese joins YOURgroup to launch a new practice in the world of tourism and hospitality

Palmiro Noschese, one of the most famous European managers in the hospitality world, with long and important experiences in the Melia Group, Jolly Hotel, Villa D'Este and Touring Club Italiano, joined YOURgroup as a partner of yourCEO, to launch a practice in the world of new tourism management.

"The world of tourism was already in strong evolution" says Noschese, "but now that it is experiencing a moment of great suffering, it is the perfect time to reinvent itself".

"I see many extraordinary opportunities: from new development models and hospitality concepts, both of accommodation and food and beverage, to coworking and advanced training schools aimed at tourism, with particular attention to digitization and innovation. Being able to develop them in a unique and very high standing organization like YOURgroup is a great opportunity.

YOURgroup, in fact, with the model of the fractional executive, has changed the rules of the game of management consulting in Italy and it already has great professionals also in the world of tourism and hotel industry that will be the starting point for the development of the new practice that wants to become a reference point in this sector so important for the country".

"I'm happy and proud to gather within YOURgroup Palmiro", says Andrea Pietrini, Chairman of YOURgroup, "a well-known and appreciated manager who brings within our Group a strong competence to approach a really interesting market is very important for our country that will surely need the strong managerial skills to start again in the next years".

YOURgroup was founded in 2011, and in a very short time, it established itself as the first Italian operational advisory company C-Level, promoting the concept of Fractional Executive in our country.

For each key area of the company it offers operational support "on site" provided by a team of about 200 contract managers with long experience in leading companies who are selected through a complex internal process, consisting of five different interviews with senior partners and psychoactivity tests on "soft" skills. The company is currently present with partners in Italy, Switzerland, France and Great Britain.

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