A large-scale public investment plan is urgently needed in the Southern Italy, Paolo Zagami says

"A Special Investment Plan for the South of Italy should be implemented immediately, which should primarily include the execution of large-scale public infrastructure works such as the realization of the Mediterranean port system as a driving force for development and employment. We need a great plan of public investments that aims at the realization of material, social and immaterial infrastructures and no more unfinished or finished works with years of delay, abnormal increase of costs, abuse of the variants in progress and waste of resources".

This is the call to action expressed on the sidelines of an article by Paolo Zagami, International Lawyer and Professor at the Mediterranean University, published in the online newspaper Il Dispaccio.

The article, entitled "L'Economia del Sud alla prova del Covid-19", analyses the socio-economic situation in Southern Italy in the light of the upheavals caused by the pandemic.

"Northern Italy - continues Zagami that was among the first in Italy to underline in February the possible economic emergency resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus - is certainly much more affected by the health emergency than Southern Italy. It is an incontrovertible and indisputable fact. Yet even before this phase of emergency it was known that according to various independent estimates Southern Italy was among the most underdeveloped areas in Western Europe. With an employment trend according to Svimez in constant decline and businesses and citizens at the end of their lives. A territory does not develop economically and socially if public works that guarantee jobs are not planned, if people are forced to go and get treatment elsewhere, if the mafias rule, if companies are not trusted and if international resources are not intercepted. And then, if we really want to relaunch Southern Italy, it will be necessary to start again from infrastructure, health, the fight against crime, access to credit and European funds".

"Don't forget the Southern part of Italy now. Otherwise it will be over”. This is how Lawyer Zagami concludes his article.

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