Soon after coronavirus outbreak a long a difficult path to economic heydays will follow, business lawyer Paolo Zagami says

The business lawyer Paolo Zagami, interviewed by il Denaro, offered his point of view in this difficult historical moment.

Zagami, author of three texts on international companies published by Rubbettino and concerning economic, juridical and political profiles, as well as professor of commercial law at the Mediterranean University, declared "You will have to be very patient. There will not be a specific and determined day one, but the recovery will be very slow, difficult and gradual. I believe that the return to a more or less normal social life will happen after the summer. Then we will have a still difficult period of economic adjustment and in the long run it will be fantastic because there will be a big economic boost: history teaches us this and the way the world's economies have recovered after facing several hard times. Of course, nothing will be the same as before and the concept of business as usual will be very much reduced".

"Companies - continues lawyer Zagami - will no longer consider health care as a cost but rather as one of the bases for the development of the business. In this regard, the coronavirus emergency has shown that cuts in public health affect the entire socio-economic system and all governments including ours will have to rethink their goals and invest in medical and chemical research to create markets capable of producing sustainable growth and in which health will really be considered as the primary good".

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