Italian EPP delegation to the Committee of the Regions asks EU to change its course urgently

The Italian delegation to the European Committee of the Regions sent a letter to Apostolos Tzitzikostas, President of the Committee, and Olgierd Geblewicz, President of the EPP-EPP Group, on the essential measures to relaunch EU action during the dramatic economic crisis caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

In the letter Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Regions, Presidents of Regional Councils, Presidents of Provinces, Mayors, provincial and municipal councillors, members of the Italian delegation of the People's Party to the European Committee of the Regions, call for a decisive intervention of the Committee on the European institutions to relaunch immediately the objectives of solidarity, cohesion, progress.
The call to action starts from the observation that Europe "faces the most serious crisis, but also the greatest opportunity since its foundation" and that "from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a more selfish and more fragmented Europe may emerge, as the latest controversial events highlight, or a stronger Union more similar to that Europe of the peoples, a natural evolution of the original project that emerged from the ideas of the founders".

The Italian members of the Committee of the Regions point out that "the ideas that have guided European economic policy based on austerity, fiscal compact and stability pact policies have now become incompatible with the needs and anxieties of the citizens who are calling for a Europe of solidarity. An EU capable of rebuilding a future of cohesion and growth…" also emphasizing that "the Europe of rights and democracy cannot be the same that is now slowing to find convergence in order to give itself a common budget, overcoming the rigours that have dramatically increased the economic and social gaps within it and weakened, if not undermined, its international competitiveness".

The document identifies the essential measures to tackle the economic crisis resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak: "a balanced budget applies only to current expenditure, releasing investments and launching European Recovery Bonds without conditionality may let fiscal policy be used in a countercyclical manner, even at the cost of increasing the public deficit, the model of budgetary surveillance based on unreliable and harmful parameters is shelved, the choices made in the field of state aid to support the recovery are consolidated and strengthened", and concludes that "this is the last chance to save Europe, let's not miss it".

Petitioners list: Alberto ANCARANI (Municipal Conuncillor, Ravenna), Gaetano ARMAO (Vice President, Sicilian Regional Government), Vito BARDI (President, Basilicata), Sergio CACI (Mayor, Montalto di Castro), Alberto CIRIO (President, Piedmont), Alessandro FERMI (Regional Councillor, Lombardy), Mariadele GIROLAMI, (Province Councillor, Ascoli Piceno), Arno KOMPATSCHER (President, Autonomous Province of Bolzano), Giorgio MAGLIOCCA (Province President, Caserta), Roberto PELLA (Vice President, ANCI), Alessandro ROMOLI (Province Councillor, Viterbo), Donato TOMA (President, Molise), Piero Mauro ZANIN (President, Friuli-Venezia Giulia).

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