Imprenditore non sei solo: the Italian association which proposes itself as life insurance for entrepreneurs

An association founded and supported by entrepreneurs who have overcome the economic crisis, offering free training, aiming to counter the feeling of loneliness that assails those in difficulty and that led to the phenomenon of state suicides.

What they remember with more pain than those dark years, is the terrible sense of loneliness they felt and how they felt abandoned by everyone, even by those who believed they were friends, and, above all, by those who, until a few days before, asked for favors. A spiral of loneliness and depression, which can completely annihilate the psyche, and which in the past led to the occurrence of what were called the state suicides.

"Imprenditore non sei solo" association aims to counteract this sense of loneliness through a network that today has over 600 members, all entrepreneurs and freelancers, focusing on the spread of entrepreneurial culture.

"Today anyone can open a business or a VAT account, without having any business culture or preparation in this field. This, on the one hand, is a beautiful thing, a great freedom that the State gives us, but on the other hand it is like jumping with a parachute, without knowing how to manage it. - Enrico Tosco, co-founder of Entrepreneur you are not alone, said - We offer free training courses, in which we pass on to entrepreneurs our know-how, notions of financial and tax management, then, what the various taxes represent, what are them and how much they affect the revenue and margins, and how to learn to look at the numbers by turning them in their favor. These are the topics that we are asked to deal with most frequently".

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