Presentation of the SVIMEZ Report on Southern Italy's socio-economic condition

The presentation of the SVIMEZ 2019 Report on the economy and society of Southern Italy will take place on November 4th in the New Hall of the Palazzo dei Gruppi Parlamentari in the Italian Republic Chamber of Deputies.

The meeting with the press and institutions will be attended by: Giuseppe CONTE, President of the Council of Ministers: Maria Edera SPADONI, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies; Adriano GIANNOLA, President of SVIMEZ; Domenico ARCURI, Managing Director of Invitalia; Marcella PANUCCI, General Manager of Confindustria; Gianna FRACASSI, Deputy Secretary General CGIL; Luigi SBARRA, Deputy Secretary General CISL; Giuseppe PROVENZANO, Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion.

The report on the economy and society of the South in 2019, will be held by Luca BIANCHI, Director SVIMEZ.

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