Confassociazioni brings together in Catania, Sicily, professional orders and associations to discuss economic and social development

On November 9th, 2019, from 09.00 to 13.30, will be held at the Palace of Culture in Catania, Sicily,  the conference "S.E.S.T.U.M. Economic and social development of urban and metropolitan area" organized by Sicilian branch of Confassociazioni.

The conference aims to bring together professional orders and associations with civil society, in order to allow the formulation of a proposal aimed at the growth of the metropolitan city of Catania on the basis of perceived needs and the vision of the professional sector.

The objective is to build a civil conscience in citizens, to awaken and stimulate a movement of consciences that, with a unanimous voice, stimulates the social forces that operate in the territory to reprogram together the steps to be taken to relaunch growth and development.

The panel is formed by city and regional institutional authorities: Salvo Pogliese, Mayor of the City of Catania; Gaetano Armao, Vice President and Councillor for Economics of the Sicilian Regional Government; Francesco Priolo, Magnificent Rector of the University of Catania; Pietro Agen, President of the South East Chamber of Commerce of Sicily.

The works will be introduced for Confassociazioni Sicilia by the President Antonio La Ferrara and, representing the Board of Directors, Marco Russo, then will be featured Carmelo Cutuli, President of Confassociazioni Comunicazione & Public Affairs and Claudio La Rosa, Intermodal Pricing Customer service Manager.

Under the direction of the moderator, Adriana Apicella, Director General of Confassociazioni, some students of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture and representatives of the professional orders will speak later: Alessandro Amaro, President of the Association of Architects of the Province of Catania; Maria Spoto, Vice President of the Professional Association of Social Assistants of the Sicily Region; Rosaria Pizzino, President of the Association of Lawyers of Catania; Cinzia Capizzi, National Councillor of AIGA Catania Section (Italian Association of Young Lawyers); Giorgio Sangiorgio, President of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Catania; Giovanni Greco, President of the Association of Labour Consultants of Catania; Giuseppe Collura, President of the Regional Association of Geologists of Sicily; Giuseppe Platania, President of the Association of Engineers of the Province of Catania.

The conclusions will be drawn by the National President of Confassociazioni, Angelo Deiana.

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