Andrea Lisi (Copy Persuasivo): a copy, to be good and effective, must necessarily be persuasive

"With the development of the web and e-commerce, today there is an increasing need to sell at a distance, so there is no direct relationship between seller and customer and the ability to tell the potential of the product proposed, declining on the basis of what have been perceived as the needs of the customer. This makes it essential for companies to optimize their communication, helping the sales department with marketing that is very effective, that can only reach people potentially interested, optimizing resources to the maximum. A copy, to be good and effective, must necessarily be persuasive, leading the user to make the purchase and managing to retain it, so that he returns to buy in that specific online store. The copy must play the role of the seller, who when you enter his store makes you feel welcome and guides you in your purchases. For this reason, the copywriter is a job for curious people, which requires not only a specific preparation in terms of communication and marketing, but also a lot of craftsmanship, creativity and passion. Unlike direct marketing, which was one of the most used strategies until a few decades ago, today we need more points of contact, and this is where storytelling comes in. Today's consumer is more demanding, often more informed, and can count on many tools to make a decision, and wants to know closely not only the product or service he buys, but also the company or professional who offers it. Storytelling is very important, because it serves to capture the attention of users, making sure that they themselves seek contact with the company, and not the other way around. This is what Andrea Lisi said in an interview with Startupper Magazine.

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Andrea Lisi, CEO and Founder of Copy Persuasivo®

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