14th edition of the 'Knights of Human Rights' Award

Tomorrow, November 10, at 4:30 p.m., in the wonderful setting of the Palazzo Biscari in Catania, the 14th edition of the 'Knights of Human Rights' Award will be held.

In 2005, the Italian League of Human Rights, the Sicilian Regional Committee, the Parliamentary Intergroup for Human and Civil Rights of the Sicilian Region and the S.M.E.T., felt the need - strong in their tradition - for a concrete commitment to witness and pay tribute to the high value that distinguishes the work of members of the Armed Forces and the Police and Men of the State in general of our country. Convinced of the need to bear witness, through the people who receive the award, to a concrete operational commitment in respect of human life and its dignity.

Also this year a rich program is planned with, at the center, the recipients of this edition that will open with the performance, by the Choir "Taormina Opera Stars" directed by Maestro Carmelo Pappalardo, of the hymns: Italian, European and Sicilian. This will be followed by a welcome greeting from Cav. Placido Quercia President of the Regional Committee of Sicily L.I.D.U.

The ceremony, which will see the investiture of the Knights of Human Rights and some artistic interludes, will be conducted by Vincenzo Spampinato and Ludovico Falzone.

The conclusions of the work will be handled by the President L.I.D.U., Dr. Michele Marzulli.

Since its first edition, the Ceremony has seen the active and attentive participation of the Military Command and of all the other institutions both in the sending of the reports of the deserving and in the active participation on the day of the awarding of the honours.

A ceremony particularly dear to LIDU, which finds its raison d'être in cultural and social interventions, attentive in the first instance, to the weakest sections of the population.

An event therefore that wants to thanks all those who, carrying out their daily work.

The Commission, in the field of public order and the defence of citizens, beyond duty, have demonstrated constant commitment, sacrifice and dedication, as well as exemplary humanity, in the name of the protection of civil society.

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