Niccolò Quattrini (Affidaty): Italy is a great and competitive country for doing business

Interviewed by Startupper Magazine, Niccolò Quattrini, National and International Relations Manager of Affidaty SpA, when asked "It is said that crises, in this case economic crises, always hide opportunities for change. Does he see any opportunities to be seized in the current Italian context?", he replied: "Italy is a fantastic country that is constantly testing itself, the opportunities are at the centre of our efforts, we are a people of true innovators and we can consider ourselves to be excellent in many sectors. It is no coincidence that "Made in Italy" is a very important brand on a global level. The biggest challenge for those facing a "strong" and apparently negative period is not to be overwhelmed by the crisis and not to allow the same to influence the arrival of the flourishing period or not to recognize it. This word "crisis" really hides within it a synonym called opportunity, first of all because these periods allow us to reflect on ourselves and on who we are.

"During these periods - continued Quattrini - we must examine the situation, identifying the changes that characterize the crises, because each one has its own reasons and usually involve excessive speculation in a particular sector or in certain market segments. What is necessary to observe when they manifest themselves is precisely their sectoral origin and, therefore, to retrace the steps that have led to that condition, learning what to have to and not have to do to circumvent it, changing segment or leading sector. One of the most useful ways of circumventing this condition may be, for example, to reassess our objectives and find new solutions to solve old or new problems.

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