Digital Day 2019, digital innovation comes to the forefront of regional strategies

The digital transition in public administration and partnership with businesses" is the theme of the second edition of Digital Day 2019, which will take place in Palermo next Tuesday, October 15, starting at 9:30 am, at the Real Albergo delle Povere.

An appointment strongly supported by the Regional Government, by the President Nello Musumeci and by the Regional Department of Economics led by the Councillor Gaetano Armao, in collaboration with the Regional Authority for Technological Innovation.

The choice of digital innovation is one of the priorities of the Government of the Sicilian Region to offer a prospect of development to Sicily.  The work will be opened by the greetings of the President of the Region Nello Musumeci and the President of the Budget Commission of the ARS Riccardo Savona, introduced by the Vice President of the Region and Councillor for Economy, Gaetano Armao, the conclusions will be entrusted to the general manager of the Regional Authority for Technological Innovation, Vincenzo Falgares.

Among the speakers will be representatives of leading institutions and companies. national and regional digital as well as two Sicilian companies that have focused on digital innovation to grow in international markets.

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