TRINCI: 100% Made in Italy blockchain technology

TRINCI stands for "Trust Rating in International Network Customizable Intelligence" and is an alternative blockchain to public ones like Ethereum, Bitcoin etc. or private ones like hyperledger etc.

TRINCI is a perfectly balanced set of hardware & software technologies in order to guarantee maximum efficiency in the performance of transaction verification activities and for the execution of Smart Contracts, satisfying the most advanced needs of the Enterprise market and beyond.

TRINCI technology operates on the distributed and decentralized Independent Chain register, always designed and managed by Affidaty Spa, which processes all phases of writing, ie transactions.

The "Value Proposition" is to offer solutions through access to the developer platform, which will be released on October 17, 2019 at the event Blockchain Summit in Bologna. With its SDK where you can find smart-contract under license As-A-Service prepared for various purposes:

- Electronic Vote
- Didactics
- Terrestrial dislocation
- Digital Identity
- Prizes Contests
- Documentation
- Wallet

In essence, this technology allows the implementation of any type of application in a distributed, decentralized and flexible environment. TRINCI is able to allow indelible writing in a network of nodes specifically designed to ensure the highest standards of operation and safety. It represents a block chain that differs in performance and efficiency from available public or private technologies. An operating system with totally smart programmable modules to allow the development of any blockchain application, both in enterprise, corporate and public and private environments.

Niccolò Quattrini
C.O.O Affidaty SpA

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