In Catania starts the renaissance of Sicilian enterprises

Catania, once called 'the Milan of Southern Italy' and more recently the seat of the Etna Valley, the Italian Silicon Valley based on the Etna Technological Pole, cyclically relaunches itself as the industrial laboratory of Sicily.

Of course, the present-day situation does not seem to be as brilliant as in the past, but the 'weak signals' of a techno-industrial recovery are all there and this time it seems that the economic 'renaissance' of the Etnean City also involves, and in an important way, the province and in particular the Ionian-Etnean area where, alongside lemons and prickly pears, startups of the highest technological level are increasingly emerging.

To confirm the effervescence of the territory, which has always been one of the most fertile in economic terms in Sicily, will be held on October 5, 2019, at the SAL - Spazio Avanzamento Lavori (Via Indaco, 23) in Catania a day of work on the theme "Sicily, a company with special status", organized by Confindustria Giovani Imprenditori di Catania with the patronage of the regional Confindustria.

The event will bring together at the 'table of development' next island, the heads of regional and local institutions, Confindustria regional and representatives of business realities in the area, especially young entrepreneurs and startuppers.

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