Here's how political communication changes in the age of big-data and Artificial Intelligence, Comin & Partners Managing Partners in Milan Lelio Alfonso says

"Speed and amount of information are the assets on which all communication today relies, not just political communication. It is clear that having millions of items available in a few seconds leads to an uncommon work of analysis, evaluation and strategy. But in the same way, these opportunities raise the ethical - as well as legal - issue of data management, a targeted but not aggressive use, the need to identify the target without considering public opinion as sheeps to be tampered with or deceived. ". So stated Lelio Alfonso, managing partner of the Comin & Partners Milan office, interviewed by Soft Power, the Institutional Relations blog.

Graduated in Political Science at the University of Genoa, Lelio Alfonso, began his career as a journalist, initially at the Corriere Mercantile, then at the Gazzetta di Parma, of which he was deputy director from 1997 to 2005. He was general director of the Presidency of the Council for Institutional and International Communication and later senior advisor and consultant to many Italian companies, public and private (including Eni, Agi, Rai, Cnf). He was also director of public affairs and external relations for RCS Mediagroup from 2010 to 2013. He has been senior advisor for Esselunga media relations since 2014. A university lecturer and essayist, he has edited various volumes dedicated to economics, institutional relations and politics, an area for which he has followed electoral campaigns and communication strategies.

Today, in his position as Managing Partner of the strategic consulting firm Comin & Partners, the head of the Milan office, he offers the agency's important clients his extensive experience in the field of communication, institutional relations and relations with the media.

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