Focus on investments and growth to reduce the tax wedge is priority of the new Italian Government. Secretary Roberto Race says

"As far as employment in Italy is concerned, here is a theme that Confindustria has repeatedly reiterated together with employers' and trade unions' associations... if we want to ensure that beyond a 'zero point' there is a real reduction in unemployment in this country, we must focus, on the one hand, on investment in growth and, on the other, reduce the tax wedge. Taxation on labour when it is too high disincentive, especially on a certain type of work, companies to hire, however, I say again today's data are interesting, but should be read in a broader scenario. This stated Secretary Roberto Race interviewed on the subject of labour sector by the italian news TV channel RAINews24.

"We have noted an alternating phase of relations with the world of employers and trade unions - continues Race - now it will be interesting to understand how the current government will manage a relationship with the social partners that aims at the general interest".

There are many issues to discuss and that will be the subject of the next manoeuvre "There is the theme of the web-tax, think also about the taxes on tobacco and on new generation products". In any case, Race seraphically concludes "the main theme is to understand now where we are going to collect the money, because the things to do, even in the government proposals, seem too many.

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