CNR-Ibam Director Daniele Malfitana among the Distinguished Lecturers at Stanford University for the academic year 2019-2020

Archaeologist Daniele Malfitana from Catania, director of the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage of the National Research Council (CNR-Ibam) of Catania, was recently included in the list of authoritative international specialists invited to hold cycles of conferences on archeological research today. Thus, for the academic year 2019-2020, Malfitana will be 'Distinguished Lecturer' at Stanford University, the prestigious American university, in the Californian Silicon Valley.

The Distinguished Lecture Series, promoted by the Californian University, a world leader among training and research institutions, are public conferences held during the academic year on specific topics on which the departments and research centers of the American university are engaged. The director of Cnr-Ibam has been invited by the Stanford Archaeology Center directed by the famous archaeologist Ian Hodder, for his contribution over the last decade to the development of archaeological research in the Mediterranean context, for his experiences of management and organization of research, and finally, for the research conducted on Hellenistic and Roman Sicily, the field of specialization in which he operates.

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