Camogli Communication Festival 2019, Italy celebrates the best of its professional information world

From 12 to 15 September, the sixth edition of the Festival of Communication kicks off in Camogli, in the Italian region of Liguria. Conceived with the writer Umberto Eco, directed by Rosangela Bonsignorio and Danco Singer, and organized by Frame in collaboration with the Municipality of Camogli, the Festival of Communication is now recognized as a unique and essential event in the complex panorama of communication and intergenerational debate.

Through a dense interweaving of interventions, analyses, reflections on the major issues concerning current affairs, future and innovation, the Festival will explore one of the most important themes for our contemporary reality, Civilization. Also in this edition, therefore, the fertile heritage inherited from the writer Umberto Eco provides us with the keys to address that global and interconnected society that we are moving towards and that calls us to give a new meaning to the term 'civilization'.

In addition to the many consolidated guests, there will be the directors and deputy directors of the main Italian newspapers and magazines - from Luciano Fontana to Carlo Verdelli, from Maurizio Molinari to Marco Travaglio, from Federico Ferrazza to Federico Fubini, from Marino Sinibaldi to Ferruccio de Bortoli to Malcom Pagani - and there will also be politics, with Walter Veltroni, Giovanni Toti and Beppe Sala.

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