Reputation is the key to any good strategy of companies and CEOs, The Ghost Team founder Roberto Race says

Quality content has returned to the centre of every Reputation strategy or stakeholder engagement activity. You cannot improvise or be superficial. Credibility is the expression of the company's values. These are the key elements of the message that a manager must be able to convey to the outside world. Organizations and company leaders are becoming aware of this and are also paying attention to contexts that, until a few years ago, concerned only institutional figures. And it's not just a matter for those who deal with public relations or communication, but it has now become a priority for top management and for top management".

Roberto Race, eclectic and innovative advisor for corporate advocacy and corporate strategy of companies and organizations, doesn't use any meanings.

In an interview given to Soft Power, the Italian blog of public affairs, he declared "Today, as the Senior Vice President Italy & Switzerland of Reputation Institute Alessandro Detto explains, silence is no longer an option: companies must tell each other about what they are and their role with respect to the society in which they operate, and therefore for the positive impact they produce.according to some analysis of Reputation Institute, today stakeholders and consumers reward companies that recognize genuine in what they say and represent. Transparency and authenticity, therefore, become characteristics that have a great impact on the reputation of companies. The objective of leadership, therefore, must be to safeguard this growing expectation of quality content in order to strengthen the emotional bond (reputation) that today influences choices and behaviour towards the company itself (from buying its products/services to the propensity to work or invest in them).

Read full interview in Italian, Soft Power intervista Roberto Race, founder di The Ghost Team

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