Relationships between Italy and world governance explained in a book by Riccardo Pilat

In this essay, published by Historica Edizioni with the preface by Pino Bicchielli, Riccardo Pilat has tried to develop an overview of the European and international powers that influence the Italian nation.

This book is intended to make readers reflect on the various social crises within the historical context of Europe, resulting precisely from the emptiness of language, always changing. A considerable part of the book was dedicated to all the main countries that shape international politics: the United States, Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany and, of course, Italy.

The author, a law student at the University of Trieste, is the founder of the International Meeting "Idee per il XXI Secolo" and coordinator of the Cultural Circle of the association Das Andere Trieste.

Contributor for geopolitical magazines such as "Formiche" and "Mitteleuropa", he is at his first essay.

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