Italian Top influencer Chiara Ferragni under the lens of behavioural analysts

Italian Top influencer Chiara Ferragni has been subjected to a careful analysis of behaviors, gestures, micromovements of the body and face. These are scientific techniques, widely used especially in large companies in the phases of personnel selection, but also in the forensic field, to “read” the predispositions, the way of expressing feelings and rationality. In Italy, one of the leading companies in the sector is Neurocomscience in Gorizia, led by Jasna Legiša, a young but highly accredited scholar of the sector.

The most famous influencer in Italy and perhaps in the world. She too is obviously very smiling, but with a less “wanted”, more spontaneous smile (Fig. 1, seductive smile), a sign of sincere openness towards followers. There are also some small gestures that signal insecurities, like touching one’s hair, like wanting to reconfirm oneself to oneself, the blinking of one’s eyelids, a look not always concentrated on the interlocutor. Micro-movements not such as to transmit little sincerity, however. The expressions of the face are less used, a sign of a certain self-control, but the hands and posture signal availability and openness. Few of the expressions marked, despite his well-established role as a public figure, do not differ much from the attitudes and movements that he had at the beginning of his career.

“Overall, we can say that from the analysis of influencers we have found much more spontaneity and openness than you might think,” said Jasna Legiša. “They are complex women, alternating sincerity, construction and exaggeration. They express a communication model for a different but interesting female leadership,” said Jasna Legiša.

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