Italian showgirl and influencer Elisabetta Canalis under the lens of behavioural analysts

Italian showgirl and influencer Elisabetta Canalis has been subjected to a careful analysis of behaviors, gestures, micromovements of the body and face. These are scientific techniques, widely used especially in large companies in the phases of personnel selection, but also in the forensic field, to “read” the predispositions, the way of expressing feelings and rationality. In Italy, one of the leading companies in the sector is Neurocomscience in Gorizia, led by Jasna LegiĊĦa, a young but highly accredited scholar of the sector.

The showgirl is often described as one of the most seductive Italian women, we often see her with the smile of seduction. This type of smile (fig. 1) is given by an elevation of the corners of the mouth (movement 12) and by the head that is directed from the opposite side to the look (movement 52). In addition to this type of smile we often also see the true smile (movement 6 + movement 12 – fig. 2 and fig.3) and the inclination of the head (movement 55 – fig.4), signals that make it very available to the eyes of followers.

The channel most used by Canalis is that of facial expressions, which it also uses to illustrate and make its communication more effective; its illustrative movement is the raising of the eyebrows together with the shelling of the eyes (movement 1 + movement 2 + movement 5 – fig. 5), it uses little of the gestural motor channel.

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