Italian Influencer Diana Del Bufalo under the lens of behavioural analysts

Italian famous influencers Diana Del Bufalo has been subjected to a careful analysis of behaviors, gestures, micromovements of the body and face. These are scientific techniques, widely used especially in large companies in the phases of personnel selection, but also in the forensic field, to “read” the predispositions, the way of expressing feelings and rationality. In Italy, one of the leading companies in the sector is Neurocomscience in Gorizia, led by Jasna LegiĊĦa, a young but highly accredited scholar of the sector.

Diana appears in most of the interviews smiling (fig. 6 and fig.7) and shows her emotions markedly: she is in fact one of the most expressive influencers and it is probably for this reason that she inspires great sympathy. During the interviews Diana shows a variety of emotional expressions such as contempt with the curling of the nose (movement 9) and hands forward (M3 – fig.1) or the sadness given by the lifting of the inner part of the eyebrows together with the approach (movement 1 + movement 4 – fig. 2). In addition to other spontaneous emotional expressions, we sometimes find marked and constructed expressions, to further emphasize the expressiveness that characterizes it (see an example in fig. 3) but also betraying a certain insecurity.

To make his communication more effective, the influencer uses both the face with the raising of the eyebrows (movement 1 + movement 2 – fig.4) and a rich gestural motor repertoire with illustrated movements mainly ideograms and pictograms. A characteristic of Diana’s gestural movements is the tendency to keep her fingers separate (M24 – fig.5), a non-verbal sign that is not part of shyness.

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