Fractional Executives can create a large new market for management professionals. YOURgroup founder Andrea Pietrini says

Andrea Pietrini is the founder of YOURgroup, the first and largest Italian network of fractional executives. Interviewed by Soft Power (, the Italian blog of public affairs, said "Management is a specialist skill that you learn, like all other professions through academic paths and professional practice. Companies of all sizes always have specialist professional skills, the accountant, the lawyer, the employment consultant, but on managerial skills often prevails a "do-it-yourself" that leads the entrepreneur and his family to occupy the top positions of the company. And I'm not just talking about SMEs."

According to Pietrini, that of fractional executives "is to all intents and purposes a new professional category, and a new job, that of "professional management", which in the coming years could involve thousands of managers, with significant benefits at the systemic level.”

“This new position could, in fact, absorb the availability of quality managerial skills already present together with the one that will be brought to the market in the next few years. At the same time, it could offer a qualified and flexible support to our production system to face increasingly competitive and volatile markets. This would have a beneficial effect on companies and therefore also on employment, creating a virtuous circle. YOURgroup, has been able to promptly catch the weak signals of this "megatrend" trying to involve, in its 5 specialized verticals (yourCFO, yourHR, yourDIGITAL, yourCEO and yourNEXT) the best managerial skills available on the Italian job market. This will allow us to give a systemic response to a market change that is likely to be faster than expected. “. Pietrini concludes.

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