"Spalle al mare" by Mario Primo Cavaleri, the crossed destinies of Sicily and Messina

"Spalle al mare", the latest work by Mario Primo Cavaleri, a Sicilian journalist and leading author of the Gazzetta del Sud, is already in Italian bookstores. The subtitle "1998-2018 Messina and Sicily overwhelmed by the usual fate" already expresses the comment on the last twenty years on the island, marked by announcements and delays, laziness and bewilderment, disorganization and malpractice, legality in illegality, tendency not to do. From the palaces of Sicilian power to the city government.

A cross-section of choices, significant passages, influential personalities of that socio-political context such as to affect future developments. With the preamble of two gigantic events that in the post-war period saw Sicily and Messina excel in the national limelight: the first, the specialty of the Sicilian Statute, decreed in 1946, when the Italian Republic did not yet exist, the second, the event that in June 1955 saw gathered in the City of the Strait six foreign ministers of the Old Continent to give life to the European Common Market.

Two events on which, however, the City of Messina, crossing in this its destiny with that of the entire island, has flattened and bent as a result of a political representation enslaved and inept vocated to guard a system plastered and self-referential, to ban winds of fresh and healthy energy, innovative ingenuity.

The story unfolds through a series of episodes: from the Ars to Palazzo d'Orleans, from the Real Cittadella to the Martino ministers, from Bill Gates to the G7, to the Mume. With curiosities ranging from Tintoretto discovered by Sgarbi to the miraculous electoral exploit of Nello Musumeci.

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