A meeting to present the book "Alda Merini. Da Gerico a Dio" by Mario Donato Cosco will be held in S. Andrea apostolo dello Ionio

The book "Alda Merini.  Da Gerico a Dio" by Mario Donato Cosco will be presented at S. Andrea dello Apostolo dello Ionio

Next July 21 at 9 pm, in the churchyard of the Church of Sant'Andrea in Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio, in the province of Catanzaro, will be held the presentation of the book "Alda Merini. Da Gerico a Dio" by Mario Donato Cosco.

Carmela Pisano, will talk with the author, Mario Donato Cosco, co-founder of the International Poetry Prize "Alda Merini".The meeting will be opened by Rossana Cosco. In the course of the evening Francesca Cosco is expected to read lyrics choices of Alda Merini and there will be some interludes with the performance of soprano Eleonora Pisano.

In his book, Mario Donato Cosco, captures the alchemical nature of Alda Merini's poetry, capable of transforming "the incandescent matter of life into cast gold", but also of understanding the evidence of one's own existence as constructive, decisive and joyful responses, useful for the evolution and discovery of one's own interiority, the true residence of God".

Cosco has assimilated Alda Merini to a polyhedron of which every single face is a stilla of her existence, without neglecting, then, the passion of the poet for life, despite everything.

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