Setting up an Editorial Board for your Content Marketing strategies

As stated by Content Marketing Guru Giuseppe Caltabiano on its blog "An editorial board defines the full process around the content marketing strategy, handles all content-related requests and issues, manages the content distribution and amplification strategy, and establishes the content measurement framework."

But how do you build an editorial board?

Below is an example team, provided by Econsultancy, with the basic skills that manage all phases of content marketing campaigns:

  • Chief Content Officer
    Defines the right approach, is responsible for the planning and performance of content marketing campaigns. If things go wrong, it's his fault. If it goes well, the credit is due to the team that created it.
  • Producer
    The engine of the matrix: it is the figure that allows the team to carry out its activity, it is the project manager of the group.
  • Editor
    Responsible for publications, programming and the editorial calendar. In short, it's what makes things move and has a sense of strategy.
  • Strategist
    Analyses the reference audience and competitors, helps the editor to define the strategy to be adopted for a given content marketing campaign.
  • Knowledge Manager
    Manages resources, collaborative tools and useful products. It is the figure who deals with sharing knowledge to obtain, according to Wikipedia, performance improvement, acquisition or maintenance of competitive advantage, facilitation of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Analyst
    He takes care of numbers, statistics, research. At breakfast he eats metrics, research, whitepapers, trends, surveys, keyword analysis, case studies.
  • Listener
    The team's radar station. This professional figure is able to listen to online conversations thanks to the use of the best tools. His task: to create a map of the contents according to the personas. Without forgetting common sense and experience.
  • Visualizer
    As I said, doing content marketing is not just writing. There are also people who take care of images and infographics. Here you go, ladies and gentlemen, the visualizer.
  • Writer
    Okay, content marketing isn't just about writing. But you still need a good pen. The writer is the person who takes care of the texts: in this category you can include webwriters, bloggers and copywriters.

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