How do influential relationships work on the web?

Web 2.0 users have become more and more demanding, at the same time classic marketing is becoming more and more ineffective for business communication. Traditional advertising messages no longer work. 92 percent of consumers trust other people's recommendations, even if they don't know them. Suggestions conveyed through the web have a 70% higher rating of trust than the advertising statements of companies.

Even traditional opinion leaders are now difficult to access through the classic channels of communication, think that 95% of press releases sent to journalists is not read and is thrown in the trash. Journalists today prefer to use search engines, blogs and social media to search, especially 96% of editors use Google, and to a lesser extent Bing and Yahoo!, to search. The Internet has therefore become an important source for classic media and journalists not only follow blogs, but are often also active on social media or as bloggers.

Influencing relationships in the web age works differently than traditional public relations. True online influencers are not inspired by press releases or paid sponsorships. They want to maintain their neutrality and demonstrate authenticity in their community of reference, aiming to maximize their recognition and reputation.

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