Are influencers still relevant in corporate communication strategies?

Influencer marketing aims to benefit from the influence of the leading web opinion leaders - bloggers, social media influencers, journalists and web editors.

In the quest for user attention, companies are now increasingly focusing on finding new attention multipliers and key channels. Thanks to new media, influencers have entered the scene, new categories of opinion leaders who, attracting the trust of users and consumers, are considered "influential", ie people whose contributions shape public opinion through social media.

One of the main objectives of Influencer marketing strategies is to identify and conquer new media influencers, transforming them into brand ambassadors.

Influencers are highly respected as experts or role models in their communities, whose users follow their opinions and recommendations and therefore, at least in theory, they should have a positive influence on potential clients in their decision-making process.

By expressing their passion for a product or brand, influencers can have an important impact on a company's brand perception and reputation in their community. The influencer community is deeply sensitive to 'brand power' because this category has high recognition in the community and followers trust their opinions and recommendations, which they consider authoritative.

The biggest challenge for the PR departments of companies, and communication agencies, is therefore to identify the right channels of influence and establish contact with key influencers, integrating influencer marketing strategies into their corporate communications.

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