Angelo Deiana describes in a new book simple solutions to solve the problems of Italy

From today in italian bookstores is available “Rilanciare l’Italia facendo cose semplici” (Reviving Italy by doing simple things) published by Giacovelli Editore, my new book of simple, pragmatic and managerial solutions to the problems of the Country, written with the contribution of our entire CONFASSOCIAZIONI Organization. This was stated in a note by Angelo DEIANA, President of Confassociazioni.

"A book on the future of our Country, a concrete and pragmatic book indeed - continued President Deiana - whose strategic theme is simple: Italy is a very strong country, but also a "Peter Pan" country, a narcissus country that flies, but would never want to grow in order not to lose that creative unconsciousness that is both its strength and its weakness. A country that has suffered a psychological trauma: the almost 10 years of crisis have vanished his "happy thought", whatever happened, allowed Italy to "fly just like Peter Pan".

Among the topics covered in his work: the Euro, the real estate system, the Flat Tax, the APR of taxes, the illegal building, local taxation, the jungle of deductions, the Exit Agency, the era of replacing people with cars, the new global power of women, smart working, free wi-fi, the 'Mezzogiorno', the excessive cost of energy, smoking and gaming, the efficiency of civil justice, the National Public Prosecutor's Office for banking and financial crimes, the displacement of investee companies, the pension reform, tax and social security evasion.

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