Zeta Service receives the Positive Business Award of the Palo Alto School

During the Gala Ceremony at Gessi Milano, the "Positive Business Award" was officially presented to Zeta Service (www.zetaservice.com), in the Positive Business Company category.

Zeta Service provides payroll services, personnel administration, labor consulting and HR consulting. 15 years of experience, just completed and celebrated with a big event at Villa Necchi in Milan, over 200 employees, 400 customers, 7 offices in Italy, ZetaService is one of the leading companies in the industry. But above all, it is a company that strongly believes in having ‘smiling’ customers and employees.

The prize created by the Scuola di Palo Alto to celebrate the positive culture of organizations that in the exercise of their business have proven to translate into facts, projects and behavior the values and principles of “Happiness Science”.

Founded by Silvia Bolzoni, who is currently its President, Zeta Service is an innovative company, built on strong values, which put people, both employees and customers at the centre. In recent years she has promoted numerous social projects on equal opportunities and well-being in the workplace. With the “Libellula” Project, for example, she became the leader of a network of companies united in the fight against violence against women and gender discrimination.

"We have always believed in a business model that is truly smiling, based on building positive relationships between employees, management and our customers. Zeta Service not only wants to be a workplace, but a project, a community of people, of values lived daily. For us, social responsibility is not just a slogan, but an integral part of our identity. For this reason I am particularly proud to receive the prestigious prize of the Palo Alto School, because it recognizes us as a company that has put happiness, at the center of its daily activities. And it is thanks to this that we have just reached 15 years of continuous growth. said Silvia Bolzoni.

The Positive Business Award joins today the numerous awards received by Zeta Service: "Courageous Captains" of Confindustria in 2016; "Good Practices of Social Responsibility" Awarded by the Milan Chamber of Commerce from 2013 to 2017; "BEST WORKPLACE FOR WOMEN" (2017-2018).

Other awards include the fact that Zeta Service was present for two years in the special classification drawn up by the Great Place To Work Institute® Italy which lists the 20 excellent workplaces for women and that the Municipality of Milan awarded Zeta Service the Ambrogino d'Oro for the policies of work-life balance and resource management and for being the first company to recognise the marriage leave to an employee who signed the register of civil unions with his partner.

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