Le Farine dei nostri sacchi at Summer Fancy Food Show 2018

From June 30 to July 2 Le Farine dei nostri sacchi is at Summer Fancy Food Show in New York Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (booth number 4944, level 1)

The Sicilian Company, led by Mrs. Gloria Bosco, has been active already over ten years in gluten-free market, producing and marketing flour mixtures for food and both fresh and frozen products.

The Company, authorized by Ministry of Health, offers a selection of 18 mixes of conventional flours and 4 Bio flours, suitable for both industrial and artisanal processes ensuring the best result and the easiest processing.

In order to maintain the best quality level and safest production cycles, Le farine dei nostri sacchi researches and selects the best ingredients, cereals and innovative mixtures.

The result is a wide range of caloric and nutritional products and recipes ranging from classic to sweets, from baked products to gastronomic specialties, all inspired to Sicilian tradition.

The preservation process at low temperatures preserves the goodness, the quality and the fragrance of the artisanal products and allows easy access to every market.

"The innovation of tradition for a quality recipe" as Bosco itself states "is the basis of our Company policy to grant our customers and compete both in national and international markets.

American market, for its characteristics, nature and dimension, is definitely our main target for the coming years.”

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