in Italy it is necessary to re-invent marketing and communication tailored to micro and small businesses

"As we know, 99% of Italian companies are small businesses, but all the modern science of marketing and communication, all publications, books and courses, are designed and tailored for large companies, if not even for multinationals. Probably influenced by the approach deriving from the USA, where certain de facto disciplines were born and developed in Italy, as well as in Europe and in the USA itself, the entrepreneurial environment is in fact made up of small businesses. It is therefore necessary to completely reinvent marketing and communication, combining them with very different realities, not only in terms of size, but also in terms of culture, organisation and vision. It is from here that the Prolution Group has had the input to create a proper "new economic discipline" that we wanted to call "Prolutioning", as a branch of Marketing specialized in small businesses. This has been concretized in a book soon to be published and in a Centre for the Study of Small Enterprises, which will be active in the coming weeks". This is how Edoardo Lisi, CEO of Prolution Group (, a communication agency based in Rome that serves customers all over Italy, especially micro and small businesses.

Lisi has focused on the strong involvement of human resources and the people who work there, or even better as they say 'live' the agency, reaching very high levels of productivity and satisfaction so as to refer to itself as the 'most smiling agency in Italy'.

Not only constant training, not only constant involvement in the company's strategies, but a real "Prolution Way Of Life": from the Beach Soccer camp, to massages, from Yoga courses to Karaoke evenings, from English courses to Mountain Bike tours, up to the whirlpool made available to those who need a half hour of relaxation. But also social initiatives, with the project "Amailprossimo" that involves every week all employees who want to join concrete initiatives to help the homeless and the disadvantaged.

"That is what our true added value is. - continues Lisi - We have grown in a few years, only in the last year by more than 80% compared to the previous year, thanks to the great enthusiasm of those who work in this "Family Company", a place where you come not only to work but also for leisure, to socialize, know, exchange ideas and enhance human growth as well as professional”.
"Thanks to this approach, the Prolution Group is a powerhouse of ideas and talents that can then be made available to customers. - concluded Edoardo Lisi. - The notions of work time and non-work time are outdated. Not only does this not reduce productivity, but it also boosts it, because those who work with us come into the company with a smile, with the genuine conviction of wanting to grow. However the Prolution Group is not only about this: a constant activity of research and creativity has allowed the agency to grow especially thanks to medium, small and micro enterprises”.

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