Marketing Plan to bring Italian companies to China with Alibaba

The Italian Trade Agency plans to launch, in the first half of 2018, the first marketing plan to support Italian companies on the e-commerce channels of the Alibaba Group in the Chinese market, the leading marketplace for digital commerce in the country.

The plan provides for the creation of a unique Brandhub for Made in Italy, for the fashion & beauty categories (including accessories, footwear, leather goods, cosmetics), living and lifestyle, food and wine. The Brandhub and the associated marketing campaigns generate awareness and traffic for Italian companies with their own e-store on Alibaba, both in the direct channel (TMall) and in the cross border channel (TMall Global).

Multi-channel digital marketing campaigns on the major digital media, search engines and Chinese social channels inside and outside the Alibaba group, together with an O2O (online to offline) programme of activities, will generate traffic and, consequently, boost visibility and sales for Italian e-stores operating on Alibaba platforms.

The project is part of the Extraordinary Plan for Made in Italy in the intervention lines dedicated to the promotion of digital exports through e-commerce, and the initiative is subject to the successful conclusion of the authorization process.

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