Lifonti & Company will offer Global Content Marketing services to Italian companies

Lifonti & Company, on the occasion of the launch of the new company website, presents the new Global Content Marketing division.

Senior Advisor of the division is Giuseppe Caltabiano, curator of the Blog Content Marketing Across Borders, one of the leading international experts in Content Marketing.

"For many years we have defined the revolution of disintermediation as a humanistic revolution, rather than a digital one. Recently we have been comforted by very authoritative personalities from the world of communication, who have effectively explained that once you reach a potential customer through big data and algorithms you also need to have some idea about what to say to interest and excite him. We have more than a few ideas about this and with the decision to evolve our positioning from a public relations agency to a contemporary communications agency we want to make it a success," said Diego Lifonti, CEO of Lifonti & Company and President of The Story Group.

To spread the culture of Global Content Marketing, Lifonti & Company will promote half-day training workshops from mid-April 2018, about which you can ask for information at

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