Interview with International Lawyer Paolo Zagami

"We have been active for more than 10 years now and as far as Calabria is concerned - as declared by the International Lawyer Paolo Zagami interviewed by the Director in charge of International Business - the Zagamilaw firm was certainly the first and is still one of the few firms that deals with Private International Law. I do not deny that at the beginning I ran into many difficulties but now the whole of Italy is becoming internationalized and therefore the interactions by individuals and companies with other foreign countries are always increasing.

"In general, we assist - continues the lawyer - Italian individuals and companies that have personal or professional interests in English, Spanish and Russian speaking countries or - conversely - foreign individuals and companies that have to deal with the Italian legal system. Our main core is the international business environment, real estate and taxation, but we also have the tools to deal with cases such as family law. I would say that we do everything that concerns Civil Law in the broadest sense, with the exclusion of criminal profiles. Since 2012 we have won several awards that certify the goodness of our work and I can proudly say that Zagamilaw International Law Firm is now a young brand, strong and recognized throughout Italy.

An international professional, he is in love with his homeland, a great friend of the United States, a hobby sportsman but with a level of performance and a resource always available to take social and political action to promote his city, region and country. In the interview, Lawyer Zagami traces his personal and professional life.

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