How to find information on European companies online

The European e-Justice portal "ejustice" now provides access to information on companies with share capital in 25 European countries. 

When fully operational, this opportunity will be extended to all EU Member States (plus Iceland and Norway).

This legal online advertising for companies operating in Europe has the advantage of being constantly updated on administrative matters that may affect the registered offices of a company and its foreign branches or any cross-border mergers.

European business registers speak to each other and open up access to company information to citizens and businesses. The BRIS  (Business Registers Interconnection System) project will allow this key step in a perspective of transparency, completeness and attitudes of information on companies and, therefore, of greater market efficiency

Unioncamere, in collaboration with InfoCamere, is the leader for activities related to the interconnection of the Italian Register of Companies in the BRIS project.

The obligation to link and exchange certain information on European businesses was introduced by Directive 2012/17/EU and the subsequent European Implementing Regulation No 2015/884, which entered into force on 8 June last, and was implemented thanks to co-financing by the European Commission under the CEF Telecom programme.

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